How To Clear Resentments, Fast

For years, I carried a pile of anger, and many, many resentments and ran away from my pain.

Most of the time I had no idea I was running away.

I dodged and weaved.

I distracted, I took cover, I hid.

I resented many people like my parents. I blamed my partners. Hell, I might have even resented or blamed you at some point. I pretty much did it all.

I ran my strategies until BOOM, the pain was at an all time high and I cracked.

This was a very helpful, although uncomfortable, way to learn. The irony of course is that by running from my pain, I created more pain.

Why would I create more pain? I didn’t intentionally “avoid” of course. I was just blind. Because I was unable and unwilling to see what was going on, I resisted part of my experience. Whenever I resist, I create more suffering for myself. You see, the dam I was holding up against my pain will, and did, eventually crack…

..It will crack through the façade of who I was and to show me that I am not my strategies. I am deeper. And so are you.

I was stubborn. It took pain to bring me to my knees.

Fortunately for me (and the people I care about in my life), I’ve learned how to clear resentments so I don’t have to carry that burden around anymore. What a freakin’ relief.

You see, resentments take their toll.

They not only hurt our bodies and stress us out even more, they ruin relationships with people we care about. Believe me, I left a wake behind me. I carried my anger, hurt, and resentments around and projected it outward because I didn’t have another way.

I teach a very simple system to gently lean into conflict and clear your resentments. It’s efficient, and, it works. So, if you are inspired to clear some of that weight you are carrying around that is limiting you from the love you claim you want, I delievered 4 hours of content on this during a free webinar series I did back in October, 2014.

Members of this site get special access to that 4 hours of content.

It was exceptional material.

However, here’s some homework to get you warmed up to burning through resentments :

  1. Make a list of your resentments with yourself or other people.
  2. Choose if you want to do something about them.
  3. Choose a date by when you want to complete them.
  4. Realize that if you are still carry it, you haven’t been using the proper tool to release it. And, no, it’s not about apologizing or forgiving.
  5. Make a list of how this issue has “helped” you in your life. That’s right. How it’s HELPED you. I know, not what you think, right?
  6. Watch this 5 min video with a very simple 3-step process




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