Enlighten Next Magazine Article on Constructing The New Man

http://www.enlightennext.org/magazine/j41/j41.aspLast year, my bro Tripp Lanier and I were interviewed by Enlighten Next magazine about modern day masculinity and where men are headed in the 21st century. The entire issue was an interesting conversation about constructing the new man.

WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT: In your online radio dialogues, both of you have tried to address issues facing men in the twenty-first century. You have suggested that the new ideal for men should be something that goes beyond both the “macho jerk” and the “New Age wimp.” So what would that look like? What’s the next step for men?

Tripp Lanier: That’s really the inquiry of our program. There isn’t a preset position. For me, it’s a guy who is being himself. That sounds overly simple, but I actually feel it in my body when I’m around certain men if they’re closed down, if they’re not in touch with their passion, their desire, or their purpose. So it’s someone who’s willing to be who they are, warts and all. It’s someone who isn’t shrinking from who they are.

Jayson Gaddis: I agree with that, but I would also include the idea that “I don’t know who I am,” because if that’s an authentic statement in the moment, then that guy is trustworthy. I’m already curious about that guy versus another guy who might say, “I got my shit together, and I do all this great stuff. I’m the man.” That sounds more like an ego trip. When we’re being ourselves, we’re not out to prove anything. We want to make our mark, but there’s no desperation involved. There’s an ease and simplicity.

WIE: What are the obstacles to authentic manhood in postmodern culture?

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In the coming months, Tripp and I will dive back into this discussion and see where we are one year later. Stay tuned.

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