Fighting Over Small Things

I used to let the tiniest things upset me.

Then I learned how to “be with” the upset, and…

…everything changed.

In fact, I’m so sensitive, I notice every ripple in my marriage.

From some people’s point of view I would be a “high maintenance” partner.

From another person’s perspective, I might just be very present and caring.

The thing is when we choose a long-term relationship like marriage, we are signing up for a lot of upset.

You spouse will push every last button in you.

So, how do you not let these buttons get the best of you? How do you not let yourself get so annoyed you cause even more damage in your relationship?

Watch this short video where I give you a few simple tricks so that the little stuff now doesn’t turn into big stuff later.

Check it out:

To review, the bottom line is to advocate for yourself. Don’t walk around on eggshells. Bring it up and do your best to advocate for what you are wanting. And, do it in a way they can hear and respond to.

If you think you can just tell them to change, you’re going to be disappointed at their reaction.

Instead, invite them into a more mature dialogue where you both can see your part in the argument.

Finally, check in with your resentments. It’s likely you may have a buried resentment you are trying to ignore. Don’t ignore it anymore and bring it up.

Not sure how?

What this simple video on how to clear a resentment in under 10 minutes.



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  • Lynne

    Reply Reply October 28, 2015

    I strongly agree with Jayson…nip it in the bud…address those little irritants as they arise so they do not accumulate until they explode…best advice!! Thumbs up!!

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