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I was recently interviewed by Max Nachamkin, founder of the men’s site Inner Gladiator. I like Max because he strikes me as someone who was in enough pain around social anxiety, that he did something about it. He’s young, bright, sharp and on the path. Check him out as he has other valuable interviews on a variety of subjects.

In our dialogue you might learn:

  • The two important tools a man should utilize while figuring out who he is
  • Why we are taught to close ourselves off to the world and why this is hurting our growth
  • How to deal with people who judge you for wanting to grow
  • How to go through an initiation process that will help you become a stronger man
  • The importance of joining a men’s group to discover the truth of who you are quickly
  • And more as always

Here’s our conversation:

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  • DebO

    Reply Reply September 30, 2013

    Hello Max, and Jayson too.
    Thank you so much for this great interview. I realize that I am a bit male in my approach to my personal growth, though I’ve done a lot of therapy etc. I too went to South America for a couple of months to recharge and though it was incredible & now I speak Portuguese, coming back to the U.S. I see that my longing for relationship with a partner has only intensified and I am ready to buckle down and face whatever I need to develop within to find that partnership. My question to you both is, do you know of any men’s groups that reach out to the female community as well in order to have conscious singles find each other more readily? I’m not finding many sites so far that do that? Have you heard any discussion about this within your men’s group communities?
    Thank you

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