Healing the Rift Between Us

photo by j. gaddis

So many divides to heal.

The divide between men and women, adults and children, Black and White, rich and poor, gay and straight, Israelis and Palestinians, native Americans and my people that stole their land, men and their fathers, women and their mothers, men and their mothers, women and their fathers, siblings, indigenous peoples and governments, “old” people and young people, Whites and every other non privileged ethic group, countless other cultures who’s see God differently, people and mother earth, you and me, each of us from our true selves, and on and on….

I don’t have delusions of grandeur that these divides will be cleared up in my lifetime, but I feel inspired to relate to, acknowledge, and feel our disconnection and the hurt between us. I also understand the non-dual framework that the only divide is inside of me, and that on the biggest level there are no lines between us. Yet on a relative reality level, and as a parent, the divides are as plain as day and my son is starting to notice.
I feel inspired to do the inner work required to go directly into these conflicts in my own heart and feel any outrage, grief, betrayal, rape, horror, pain, hurt, and whatever stands in the way of our re-connection. I know, through my own experience, that on the other side of our pain, is the feeling of loving and being loved. I know that on the other side, we are friends, all of us, breathing together as the vast human family that we are. I know that our connection is soul food—nourishment of the rarest and most helpful kind. Yes, what lies between us is a painful, perhaps unavoidable gap, a chasm that separates and alienates. Yet, my heart knows this rift is indeed repairable. Because in my bones I am coded with love that is bigger than all of it.

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