How To Stop Looping In Fights That Never Seem To End [video]

Here’s another installment of empowering relationships TV.

When you don’t know how to fight efficiently and effectively, you will waste hours of your valuable time, have sex less, and you’ll end up feeling frustrated, alone and discouraged. No one wants to be “that couple” that can’t figure it out.

Watch this and find out if you can relate.

My guess is you can apply something directly from this video. Leave a comment below if you did and something shifted.

A while back I did an in-depth webinar on this. 1 hour of solid tools to get you out of this silly dynamic. You can watch that here.

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  • Audrey

    Reply Reply September 2, 2014

    I’d be interested in having a “like” button (or something similar) for these videos and posts. I don’t often have a comment but want you to know that I am getting something from watching your videos and reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

  • Ray Master

    Reply Reply September 4, 2014

    Spot on again!! Even the content of the fights (almost word for word). Damn, I thought it was only us and therefore something with us as a couple (i.e., we are just not compatible). Huge help and now a huge amount of access to working on it productively. Thank you so much Jayson.

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