Learn How To Meditate?

Meditation PhotoRecently I have been getting a lot of requests to teach more meditation and mindfulness. Why? To help with calming, relaxation, stress reduction and to develop more self-awareness/understanding.

While meditation can and does help with feeling more at peace, it can provoke what we suppress and invite what we deny. It can also help you listen to the inner voice which is buried for so many people.

Meditate long enough by going on a retreat and you’ll discover parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed.

The more you meditate, the more self-knowledge you will have. The more self knowledge you have, the more choices you will have in your life.  So meditation can be used as a vehicle to wake up to yourself and to your “real” life.

Soon, I will be rolling out a series of guided mp3 meditations for you to listen to on your ipod. Stay tuned. For now, once per month, I teach a free online meditation class at Edufire.com.

Learn How

Next class is Monday, August 10 at noon MST. Will you join us?

Also, please check out some basic meditation posture and instruction in this previous post on meditation 101.

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