Men's Health 102: Just Because You Make A Lot Of Money Doesn't Necesarrily Mean You're "Successful"

In our previous post on Men’s Health, I discussed how some triathletes might not be as healthy as they appear. In this post, I discuss why making a buttload of money does not guarantee success or happiness. Most men know this one, but many try anyway.

Many “successful” men I work with admit they are not fulfilled. They achieve a lot of material wealth, feel great temporarily and eventually the “dread” slowly bleeds back in.

They have “outer” wealth, but lack “inner” wealth.

These guys might look like successful guys on the outside. They dress nice, act confident and bold, but on the inside they are wrought with tension, anxiety and even dread.  They cope by achieving more external gains such as more money, a trophy wife, or other “things.” The worse they feel, the harder they try to mask the pain inside.

Like the uber athlete, these high-achieving men, dominate their field (the business world etc), but struggle intensely in their personal relationships. They have made their inner world “off limits.”

High achieving guys who’s inner world is foreign territory will seek happiness and joy by looking for it outside themselves. So long as you just focus on outer wealth and neglect your inner wealth, you will be misaligned and only achieve half of the results you are looking for.

So, what are some signs of a man with fragmented inner wealth? Here are five:

1. you look for relief in the form of a dream vacation, masturbation via porn, a new lover, drinking a lot, or by making more money

2. you don’t let anyone “in”

3. you place all of your value on material things

4. you work constantly so as to avoid the rest of your life

5. you have some kind of health issue: heart, lungs, colon, prostate etc.

If you can relate to any of these, you lack inner wealth.

If you want to be healthy, feel at peace, and find true happiness, you MUST work on your inner wealth. You must be okay with who you are on the inside, including your faults, flaws and fumbles.

What’s the medicine then? If a “successful” guy is not fulfilled, then what should he do?

  • First, ask yourself what does it mean to be  “successful.” Is it material wealth? Inner wealth?
  • Next, ask yourself if you have any interest in getting your inner wealth tuned up and in line.
  • If you are a yes to achieving inner weath, many more resources are coming your way.

If you want to have a bigger impact and have success on the inside as well as the outside, stay tuned for more…

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  • Joshua

    Reply Reply December 16, 2008

    Thanks Jason. We’ve spoke in the past and it’s nice to hear a voice encouraging us men to get on our own path to inner wealth. :O)



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