No Way Out

sleep issues with babies

photo by Janet M, Flickr Creative Commons

Tonight was one of those moments as a parent, where I look in my kid’s bedroom while they are sleeping like angels and think, “Wow, there’s two children in here. How did they get here? Oh wait, I’m their parent. I’m completely responsible for taking care of them. Oh shit! Sometimes it doesn’t register. Even though I’m with them constantly in a very present-centered way, I have flashes of them as total strangers planted here by aliens. Who the f*ck are these little beings? What is going on here? How the…? Oh, yeah, and there’s no way out of this deal either. *Gulp*. None. Ever. There’s something so incredibly claustrophobic and confronting knowing there is no escape. These tiny creatures will devour me for the rest of my life. And, at the same time, our choiceless, indestructible bond is liberating because I get to surrender into its power and raw beauty, all day every day. And, it’s not just some temporary surrender; it’s surrender for good, for-ever.

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