On Marijuana

I LOVE that Marijuana is now legal in CO! Thank you voters and thank you ‘me’ for voting! HUGE YES. It’s about freakin’ time. Hemp is critical to the earth’s balance and marijuana is powerful medicine that can truly help people.

That said, more and more I notice grown men who smoke a lot of weed, like daily use. Is that a big deal? On one level no– each person gets to choose how they show up in life. And, I notice of the guys who I know that smoke weed daily, it’s like they have a soft, warm, blanket over them which makes them less available for their lives, kids, partners and me.

I want warriors right now. Men who will stand with me and fight for themselves, their families, and for LOVE. I judge that you are less effective while being high daily. I’m open to be shown otherwise, but I’ve yet to meet that guy. If you smoke that much, chances are you are avoiding your direct experience and is that ultimately what you want to do? Is there a way for us to be in our own personal integrity (not ego’s version) while using a powerful plant like MJ and serve the greater good? Does marijuana help you connect to others or keep you at a distance?

My own view is that marijuana is a sacred plant and it’s medicine. However, when used daily it loses it’s power and becomes another way a lot of folks check out and avoid their experience.

Your take?


  • Bruce

    Reply Reply November 16, 2012

    I dont think smoking weed daily is a great idea for most folks that I know. Personally marijuana served a useful place in my college days, allowing me to open up and experience things I never would have otherwise. Then it became a 5 times a day, wake and bake habit which lead to less ambition to show up in life. Fast forward almost 20 years later, and I rarely smoke weed because it slows down my thinking and creates a mild paranoia for me.
    However, the most interesting thing I notice involves the perceptions in my body. I have been struggling with joint pains for the most of my adult life, that I have recently started to overcome. I believe for me most of it relates to diet and more importantly mind/body (John Sarno – TMS if you are curious).
    Anyway, when I smoke weed certain joints and muscles really hurt! You would expect the opposite, huh? I am starting to think that in this case marijuana is acting as medicine, showing me where I am holding onto things in my body.
    Any thoughts?

    • Jayson

      Reply Reply November 16, 2012

      Bruce, exactly. i have the same thing happen to me. I learned that it’s the medicine showing me the tension that is always living in me.

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