Personal Revolution Day 1


Please join our tribe of 8 men as they begin the process of going big and going deep. Stay tuned each week as I blog our progress and give some instruction. Want to change your life and become the man you are supposed to be? Then join us.

Starting May 2, 2009, eight lucky men will join me for an intense 108 day personal development training. Get ready to change your life in a radical way. The purpose of this Training?

The purpose of this 108-day rite of passage is five-fold:

1. This training will address the 5 Pillars of Being a Revolutionary Man (Chances are within these areas, you are holding back in some way. I will tailor the course to address your strengths and weaknesses. )

  • 1.    Self Mastery/ Self Knowledge
  • 2.    Service
  • 3.    Leadership
  • 4.    Fun/Play
  • 5.    Community (relationships)

2. To nudge you to your edge. When a man is at his “edge” he’s alive and growing.

3. To challenge you to step up in your life and take specific action to be bolder, badder and burlier as a leader, father, son, husband, boyfriend and as a man. I am challenging you to change your life in a big way.

4. Having received the training, you will be a Man who will make a massive difference in others lives.
5. Help you find the personal freedom that some of  you are looking for.

Stay tuned each week as we dive further in to ourselves, our purpose, our power and our freedom.

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