Relationship Is A Path- Spoken Word Poem About Partnership

Here’s my first spoken word poem about partnership. (more to come soon)

May this help you see that relationship is indeed a path to your own transformation and fulfillment.


There’s a natural song in your heart. 

And there’s a song in mine. 

When you partner with someone and you don’t play that song, 

they get pissed. 

Have you noticed this? 

They react. 

Because you’re mirroring back their limitations

Where they have the same issue. 

Get a tissue

And see the gift going both ways

Come out of your haze 

and let their anger remind you’re playing small

From behind your wall

Hear their call…


Let their activation be your motivation

Let their trigger help you get bigger

Let your trigger be like a daily bell 

That helps you wake up from a lifetime of sleepy patterning.

Your partner is merely a bell carrier 

Ringing that bell so you can find your voice, 

and sing your song.  

So, stop making them wrong

And start seeing their way as a light beckoning you home. 

As long as you make them the reason 

You won’t sing your song

You’ve lost the battle.

You remain trapped, a helpless victim, 

unmet and alone

Refusing your throne

Relegated to the basement, 

Dissociated and disconnected from your God-given birthright 

to claim your heart’s home.

Overturn that stone

And see the smashed flower

As you give away your power

With this statement:

“I can’t be me because of you.”

Close your eyes and feel the impact of that.

See how you lose your voice in this choice?

And as you lay there giving your power away

yet another day,

Ask yourself if you want it to stay this way?

Perhaps this is the final hour 

Of giving them your power

Perhaps it’s the final hour

of making them wrong

For your unwillingness to sing your song


Open your eyes

And rise

From the inside

And see

There’s another way to be free

Start to reframe

Use I statements when you blame

And create a whole new game

Where i get to be me 

And you get to be you

Through and through

It’s true.

It’s okay to be scared, shakey, and afraid

That’s how you were made.

Allow yourself to wobble and shake

And take

Your turn

And feel the burn.

Because every time you are triggered by them 

it’s an opportunity to learn

And earn

And grow

And glow

So blow 

On those embers inside.

Don’t hide

You’re alive.

Because a partnership

Can be the greatest ship

It’s hip

It’s a trip

They’ll crack the whip 

And you’ll flip.

You may as well grab your baggage 

And set your sail

Because, it’s impossible to fail

At being you.

Hell, you’re exquisite, 






And yes 


This whole partnership thing? 

It’s not tragic

It’s magic

Your wing is not clipped,

that’s a trick.

You’re not broken, 

that’s a token

For connection.

Feel the correction

And stand up

And stand in yourself

Take your issues off the shelf

It’s time you dealt

They wanna be felt

Watch the pain melt.

Stop running and hiding

Start dealing, facing

 and thriving.

There’s no need to scream

We’re on the same team

We both just want to feel seen.

I want you to do the math

And consider…

That Relationship is a Path.

You no longer need to feel alone

Because a partnership can be a HOME.

It’s okay if you’re feeling shy

It’s okay if you wanna cry

I just want you to try.


Because it takes two wings in order to fly. 


—-Jayson Gaddis


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