Reflections on 2023

Jayson Gaddis' reflection

I share openly about my challenging and growt-filled year

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Personal Reflections on 2022

jayson gaddis

Here is a quick summary of what I learned in 2022, where I fell down and what I accomplished.

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Reflections on 2020

Jayson Gaddis reflections

Here’s my annual summary of how I did this past year

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The One Thing That Matters More To Me Than Being Understood

Feeling understood by your partner can be a tall order. Here is the one thing that matters even more to this woman

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Two People Got Into A Conflict, Then This Happened…

How can you expect to work through any conflict successfully if you never learned? The good news is there’s now a proven way and a path all laid out for you.

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The 9 Most Common Relationship Mistakes And What To Do Instead

Every couple will make these relationship mistakes, at least early on. Then, the smart folks advance by doing this one simple move.

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How To Deal With A Partner That Talks Too Much – SC 75

Ever been with a “talker?” And do you notice how you check out, get annoyed, or act polite and hold your breath until they finish? Well, that person is holding you “captive” as their audience and it’s time you do something about it.

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8 Steps To Reconnect After Disconnection – SC 74

Long-term relationships are fertile ground for disconnection. The longer you go feeling disconnected, the more you get used to it. Don’t fall prey to this type of complacency and see if you can gain more awareness here and learn how to reconnect. This episode will show you how.

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