The Class You Never Got In School – SC 54

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One of the most fundamental skills we need to navigate life’s challenges is not formally taught to us. We learn through the school of hard knocks and most of us get some pretty big scars. These scars don’t heal unless you use the very best methods to become stronger. Join me here as I invite you into something very special. Something that could impact us well beyond our life.


  • The flawed thinking behind simply wanting a great relationship. [3:00]
  • What could have benefited Jayson had he taken a relationship class as a kid. [4:00]
  • How wanting to be liked is impacting children’s integrity with themselves. [5:45]
  • Jayson’s puts his stake in the ground. [9:15]
  • The big flaw in the current school system. [11:00]
  • Jayson’s bold invitation. [12:30]





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  • Lisa

    Reply Reply June 1, 2016

    I think this was very important and it’s difficult to interact and feel comfortable the tools you are teaching are very interesting I would like to attend the class

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