The Secret Teaching of Parenting

Parenting takes on a whole new meaning when we have the proper context. The question is will we parents surrender?


I made this video after a hard night of sleep (and prior to that, weeks of sleep deprivation). Par for the course for us new parents. 

photo by j.gaddis

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  • Kevin

    Reply Reply August 11, 2012

    Thanks for this Jayson,

    It is said that being in relationship with another is the most difficult/growthful (? is that a word?) experience there is. I agree with your view on the soul agreements and the lesson we are here to learn. I have noticed negative patterns arise with my son that I had with my father, which were probably passed down through the generations. I see my job as breaking the cycle of negative reactions/behaviors and modeling more productive and healthy responses to living with others. I haven’t been successful every time in demonstrating ideal responses, but at least I have moved us closer towards the healthy and loving end of the spectrum. Maybe when my son becomes a father, he can also consciously improve the cycle for our descendants and the world.

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