What it Looks Like When Parents are Connected vs Disconnected

Epic parenting afternoon.

Not only did my daughter kick my son in the face, she then kicked me in the nuts (by accident).

Shortly after this, they got in a fight in the car, I pulled over, got super pissed, raised my voice, and wanted to break things. (I took a few breathes and repaired that one). Later my son burned his finger, and my daughter screamed at both of us. All through all of this, my daughter, bless her heart, has a piercing high-pitched cry/whine that can shatter glass. It penetrates deep into my psyche body-mind in such a way that I want to destroy things. It taps a old, primal rage tributary somewhere inside of me. Anyone know what kind of whine I’m talking about? I’m often pretty solid with the “whiney” voice, but when I’m under-resourced and sleep deprived, coupled with a dose of closed heart, which I was experiencing this afternoon, my parenting goes from sub-par to animal.

Once again, my kids illuminate my limitations so clearly. It was a painful afternoon and a good ass-whooping. Kids 5, me 0.

Take away reminder? Closed-heart parenting is rough. Open heart, embodied, self-connected parenting is way more fun and enjoyable. Off to re-connect with myself.

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