Top 9 Men's Resources On Twitter you are not on twitter, it can be a fun and exciting place to get information. I don’t even read the news anymore because I get the news I want from the people I know, like and trust on twitter.

Twitter is the conversation above the conversation and rather than dig through so many websites with so much content, I browse headlines composed in 140 characters or less and see what I want to read. And, you can target the kind of information you want by who you follow.

Twitter has had a big impact on the globe as evidenced in Iran recently.

If you are a man and you are looking for good personal growth and personal development resources, follow these 9 men on twitter and get an ongoing stream of good information written by men, about men, for men.

The Top 9 Dude Twitterers

@JayGaddis yours truly. You are at my site and at least twice per week, I blog about an important topic pertaining to your development as a man. I use a cutting edge approach to personal development and spirituality for men. I often write about meditation and will challenge you to dig deeper within yourself. I post random thoughts and nonsense as well.

@Williamharryman. Bill is a busy freelance writer, a personal fitness coach and an integral Buddhist psychotherapist. He has two awesome blogs (one is the Masculine Heart) that are relevant for men. Follow him as he updates daily on Buddhism, Fitness, Men & Integral healing. William is VERY active on twitter.

@NewManPodcast. My bro @TrippLanier as many of you know is the host of The New Man Podcast. Tripp is a funny dude, so you’ll also get some of his personal rants and commentary. The New Man Podcast interviews great men (and women) on everything from your life purpose to being more fit and healthy.

@ARtOfManliness Run by @BrettMcKay, Art Of Manliness has a huge following on their blog and offers up valuable tips for men everywhere on just about everything from How to Command a Room Like a Man to 100 Must See Movies For Men. It’s endless.

@JusticeMarshall I actually met relationship coach Justice on twitter and facebook. A good man helping men take charge of their relationship problems in their marriages through Hero Principles. Justice comes from a holistic view and encourages men to take 100% responsibility for their marriage. He is active on twitter and will respond to your inquiries quickly.

@PrimerMag Primer is an online men’s magazine with weekly updates for men in their 20’s. They post some cool topics relevant to guys in this age group. As they say they are “the weekly magazine for guys who want to be better men.”

@TMatlack Tom runs  Good Men Book. Org. Tom tweets a lot about men’s stuff and is all about helping men be good dads and husbands.

@dalecguyexpert is a Canadian counselor who specializes in mens’ issues and is a co-host of Guytalk, a radio show in Toronto.

@andrewjparkes Andrew runs and coaches men in all areas of life. I dig what he tweets and support’s men in growing into their potential. Andrew’s also not afraid to challenge you.

There are other good men out there on twitter, but very few focus solely on men and men’s growth, and many big names on twitter hardly tweet. Or it’s a one-way conversation. Until I see more men on twitter really offering amazing resources for guys without always selling something, this list is a top 9, not a top 10.

This list may change over time, so let’s hear your suggestions of good quality personal development for men-content to follow. Just leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

It would be great if this list kept growing…

If you are new to twitter, here’s a 9 min video on how to set up an account by my friend Maria Andros.


  • Thanks very much for the shout out here Jayson – we’re happy to be featured on such a great list of ‘man resources’. Cheers! And keep spreading the good word!

  • William Harryman

    Reply Reply July 29, 2009

    Thanks, Jayson – I’m honored to be included in such fine company.

    All best,

  • Jason Fierstein

    Reply Reply August 16, 2009

    Nice stuff, Jason. I’m also a counselor for men in Phoenix, AZ, and would invite you to check out my site or follow me back on Twitter (@phxmencounselor). Thanks, and glad to connect with you here!

    – Jason Fierstein

  • Andrew Parkes

    Reply Reply October 23, 2009

    Thanks for including me, bro. You write high quality stuff that helps men become better and I deeply respect you for it. I am glad to know people changing the world like you.

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