Want Less Drama In Your Relationship? Read this…

Photo by mbtrama, Flickr, Creative Commons

Photo by mbtrama, Flickr, Creative Commons

I work with a lot of couples who expect to be in warm-fuzzy-land most of the time in a partnership. “I just want things to be easeful and there to be less drama.” If that’s true, then get to work. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve been married 15 years, or been together 6 months, you can’t expect ease, connection, and flow in a partnership unless you roll up your sleeves and earn it.

Very few couples naturally have this without doing one of two approaches (or both):

1) working on core triggers and wounds, usually stemming from our family of origin (and other relational hurts), that get brought up constantly within the confines of an intimate relationship, and/or

2) relaxing into your bodies every time your triggered and feeling your entire experience, while dropping the story.

The evolving couple says yes this process, yes to conflict, and yes to growth. They become grateful for the hot fire that their partner triggers in them. They begin to understand the foundation of a powerful relationship requires a lot of inner work on both sides.

Relationship is a path, if you choose it…

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