When Someone Wants Something From Me And I Don’t Want To Give It

Sometimes people want something from me and it feels right to give. In these times, I might be a big yes. Other times people want something from me and something feels off in their request. My spider senses go off and I’m a no. But I might be scared to say “No.” Yet, when I trust this “no” and set a boundary with them, they predictably react. Their reaction, often mean-spirited and coming from a wounded place, affirms why I had a gut feeling about setting a boundary in the first place.

If I’m honest, I have that place in me that wants to cave during these moments, just so I don’t have to deal with their reaction and have them dislike me. But if I listen to the part of me that wants to be liked by them, I sell myself down the river and I resent them.

Thus, I prefer trusting myself and being a yes to being disliked. What about you?


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