Witholds and Cut-offs in Relationship

Stop burying things that are unspoken between you and another person you love. Trust that some part of them can handle the truth. In fact, they need it in order to grow further along their path. If they slam the door in your face, accept it and feel everything in relationship to that truth.

If you still remain stuck in your stance, notice how you keep justifying your withhold and getting further entrenched in your story. Take a risk and own that you are more invested in your story and your fear/contraction/closure/self protection/self-preservation than you are truth, openness, love, and connection.

Once we soften our stance that it’s the other person’s fault, and we take responsibility for what this hurt part of us is doing, we invite new oxygen into the relational field. Ahhhhh. As we begin to accept “what is” and own our part, we are empowered to see things differently and choose other options. We can now be more curious about their experience. There’s room for forgiveness. We’re now flexible. This flexibility allows us to move toward our wholeness sooner because we are not putting a kink in the hose of our natural evolution.

And, if we stick with it, a new relationship can arise out of the old, cracked shell. And, it may or may not translate into a new relationship with them. But what will likely happen is that we begin to experience a new relationship to ourselves.

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