Year Of the Daddy Blogger?

This week I’m flying off to Atlanta Georgia to be a part of the first men and Dad blogger’s conference, the Modern Media Man Summit (M3)!

Since I’m a dadpreneur and a blogger, I guess I fit right in.

This is a very “mainstream” conference as it seems to be targeting an audience outside of traditional “men’s work” circles. I’m eager to see what conversations these men are having about being a father, a husband, and a man in today’s world.

Here is the idea behind the conference according to the M3 website:

The M3 Summit’s goal is to bring together brands, bloggers, and some of the brightest minds in the industry to experience, teach and talk about how the role of Modern Media Man is changing. We know the time, location and topics of focus– educational, personal and business tracks–all will work together to generate the perfect storm in the blogosphere.

This is the best opportunity of the year for men and daddy bloggers, whether they’re stay at home dads, work at home dads, business professionals, the lone entrepreneur, marketer, advertiser and public relations professional to gather in one spot and plot a new course toward progress.

I think people are beginning to understand the critical role fathers play in the growth and evolution of a culture. Perhaps people are understanding that if a Dad (and of course a Mom) is not in the picture, we leave it up to the media and the society at large to raise our children, and we all know where that leaves us.

While the role of “Dad” in a son or daughter’s life is so critical, I’m here to support father’s not get sucked into being “superdad” and instead invite them to be human. I want my father’s humanity, not his attempt at perfection. And that is what I offer everyday to my son and child on the way.

Without launching into an entire post on Fathers and sons (which is a rich topic to explore), I will leave you with a teaser video here that had me in tears. I also want to remind you to keep your eye on the M3 Summit this weekend.

I will be speaking about the new, emerging masculine paradigm. Here’s a taste of my talk in a conversation with host Kevin Roy. This is a good dry run for me to really articulate (and model) this new paradigm prior to the next big conference hosted here in Boulder, the Evolving Men’s Conference.

The year of the daddy blogger might just have a strong influence on shaping the role of man and father in this culture. We’ll see!

Check M3 out on FB too:


  • The JackB

    Reply Reply September 7, 2010

    Sounds like it is going to be quite a convention.

  • The JackB

    Reply Reply September 7, 2010

    Sounds like it is going to be quite a convention.

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