If You Feel Hardened or Hurt by Relationships, Read This

We are hardened by our relationship wounds. They calcify around us and we become less available to the people we care most about, less available to the magic of life, less available to the perfection of it all.

I speak from personal experience. I chose this hardened “program” until I was 29. Eventually the pain was too great. I was done. Fortunately for me, I had a whisper of a feeling that it could be different for me, it was time to get some guidance.

Ask yourself if this is you. If you feel hardened or hurt by marriage/relationships/intimacy, or you are mad, ashamed, afraid, alone, even embarrassed, shut down, or simply confused,….but somewhere inside, you are pretty sure there’s another way, I’m here to tell you, “You’re right! There is another way.” Trust that voice inside…

And depending on how much pain you are in, you will or will not act. For some of you, you might have to turn up the heat on yourself…probably with more pain…to get you to pay attention and do something about it, because some of us get quite comfortable in our hardness. It’s like an old friend that keeps us stuck where we are. Sadly, by not addressing this hardness, we keep attracting into our lives, mediocre, hurtful relationship patterns. This adds more stress to the already heaviness we feel. But wait…

There’s good news….

…you don’t have to carry that heavy, stressful load anymore…

…you can be proactive and choose to get in the driver’s seat of your relationship life, and choose to go after the kind of relationship you want. And, take my word for it, it’s out there for you. And, no, I’m not talking about fairy tales and fantasy. I’m talking about a real, authentic, smart, heart-connected, empowered relationship where you both grow and take complete responsibility for how you want it to go down.

I’m certain it’s out there not only because I’m living proof, but also because I work with “normal” folks like you, who, once they believe and take responsibility for getting what they want relationally, and stop hoping and waiting around, it happens.

If you feel called, I invite you to join a smart, hearty, wild bunch of people on this 3rd and final webinar. It might just change the course of your relationship life, forever.

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Don’t take my word for it, here’s a comment from a webinar attendee yesterday,

“I feel that in a little over two hours I learned more about relationships than I had known my entire life. Sadly, this is probably not an exaggeration.”  —Olya

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