Sex is one of the biggest pain and pleasure points for us men. It’s been true for me. So, it’s no surprise that I hired a sex coach when I wanted to break free from shame and isolation and take my sexual game to the next level. It’s no suprise then, that in 2011 I did a popular tele-series with my mentor and sex coach David Cates. These calls were awesome and very helpful for a lot of men (and women too).

So, these are edited versions of those calls. Each are sold separately and easily downloadable so you can listen to them while you are driving or at home.

Help, My Woody’s Gone Soft! Instead of fighting and drugging your johnson, here’s a wild idea: Why not listen? In this live 60-min mp3, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to give your cock what it really needs, and how to recognize when it’s being your ally (even though your ego insists that you’re being betrayed). Our cocks are extremely accurate barometers of emotional resonance. If we’re not fully aligned with the sexual experience in front of us, they let us know. Ouch! Don’t have problems with ED, but know you can be harder?  We explore that too. The mp3 finishes with why bringing your “dark side” is everything to your woman.

Oops! I Shot Too Soon! In this live 60-min mp3, we’ll get into specific exercises you can do to re-set that trip-wire and slow your body down (without sacrificing sensation or intensity). Plus, how to talk with your partner and feel more at ease as a team. You’ll sound like a man instead of a nervous boy. And you’ll double and triple your lovemaking time. Premature ejaculation and nervous over-excitement are signs that your trip-wires are strung too tight. There are a million reasons why that happens, and a few simple practices to loosen you up and get you back in the flow. David’s advice? Stop trying to control your response to PE. It only creates more tension, which leads to even faster spurting. How to move from performance to intimacy. What happens when we “stop” to slow down and hit reset? Find out here along with some tantra basics.

Porn can eat your brain like a zombie – and can turn YOU into a zombie too! Women feel the difference. Which sucks for you. You may think you’re expanding your sexual horizons and learning useful bedroom tricks, but the zombie stench is gonna kill your chances with a live woman. She can smell the shame, isolation and self-judgment. And that won’t be opening her heart… or her pussy. How can you turn off the porn and turn on your body? How can you dig yourself out from under layers of shame and secrecy? The answers may piss you off, wake you up and surprise you. They may also bring you back to what you really love. We tackle these challenges in this 60-min dialogue. Find out how RELATIONSHIP and intimacy might just be the way out of the porn game.

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Take a listen to one of our past series:

The Truth is in Your Body–Effortless Sex for a Lifetime–A Fresh Perspective for Conscious Men