5 Strategies to Man Up in '09


2009 is the year to Man Up to your vision and goals. But how? Let’s say you have a big dream and big plans for this year. But you often lack follow through or fail to achieve your goals. By now, a few days in to 09, you should be able to gauge if you’re being realistic with your goals.

Here are 5 key strategies to not backing down from your new year’s goals.

Step 1. Get honest. Be very, very honest with yourself. Just by acknowledging that you are NOT 100% behind your goal can help you achieve it. Is the goal you set coming from a “should” place?

For example, I’ve never been a “goal guy.” As soon as I set a goal, especially if I think I “should” do it, some part of me wants to break it. I have an inner rebel. It is likely that you do too. When this is happening, I have to admit I’m not totally on board. So, I change the goal, rather than stick with something I can’t get behind.

Most guys sabatoge themselves becuase they are not %100 bought in. Let’s say your going to hit the gym 5 days/week. You start out strong and within a few weeks, you loose steam and fall off the horse. So, while it is true that you want to achieve your new goal, it is equally true that some other  part of you wants to do the opposite–wants nothing to do with the gym, working out, and could care less about getting in shape.

Most of us are blind to the sabatour inside of us. If you keep coming up short, try a new strategy. It is likely that you have a big, unexamined blind spot in you.

Being honest with yourself, also means setting realistic, doable goals. Tony Robbins says change your “shoulds” into “musts.” This requires strategy number two>

Step 2. Have a clear vision and be relentless about it. Most guys don’t have a clear vision. They think they “should” get in shape as opposed to having a vision about why and what it would look like to be in stellar shape.

Sometimes, you may set a goal because you will get the praise of others. Let’s face it, other people have a lot of opinions about what is best for you. But ultimately, you are the boss of you, so set goals that work for your deepest inspiration as opposed to “shoulds” or other’s opinions.

Shoulds need to be examined thoroughly. Maybe behind the should is some wisdom that you need to listen to. Or maybe you just are not crystal clear in what you want.

Step 3. Micro-goals. Once you have a clear vision, set micro goals to help you achieve your bigger goal. If your overall goal is to run a marathon, obviously you need to work up to 26.2 miles, right? Set weekly and monthly goals, check them off and check in with your Man Up buddy.

Step 4. Accountability. Ask a friend to hold you accountable to what you say you are going to do. This is your Man Up buddy.

We let ourselves off the hook much too often and we often have great reasons why we don’t need to hit the gym today. A good trustworthy friend won’t let you off the hook and your commitment to him or her can be the factor that gets you off the couch and will have you keeping your commitments. This in turn leads to others trusting you and respecting you. You are walking your talk.

Go even further by committing in a group, make it known that you are Manning Up.

Step 5. Reward yourself. Each month or every so often, acknowledge your wins. Celebrate by having fun, taking a day off, partying or whatever is “celebration” to you.

What are your goals in 09? Who is holding you accountable?

My challenge to you as always is to stop holding back and make 09 a year of stepping up!

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  • marc warnke

    Reply Reply January 6, 2009

    Wow, neat to find you. I found you on a Twitter link and enjoyed this blog and your message in general. Our blogs are very like minded. I look forward to more from you and I followed you on twitter. Thanks again for the time to post.

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