A Call To Awakening Men




listen to this song as you read this email.

Imagine this:

You are sitting in a room with 40 men. Forty men who have your back and are committed to living a life of meaning, direction, and service. 40 men who are holding down a a strong presence of integrated, authentic, warriorship in their respective communities.

All around the room are warrior spirits like you who care enough to do something in this world during this time. Given the recent events in Connecticut, each of us is more raw than before. We are vulnerable, open, alert and ready to do something.

Drums beat a deep ancestral call, your body begins to move and your heart opens more. Your spine gets taller as you sink deeper into the person you are here to be. You feel heavy with grief, rage, joy and love. You feel supported expressing it all. Your soul is home and you are congruent in who you are. No more hiding out, being numb, or telling yourself an old story about why you can’t fully be yourself.

Children are nearby.

They stop playing and watch as you and the other men move closer together, as your collective roar escalates into a tribal, ecstatic dance. You and the men are getting ready for a hunt or a battle of some kind. You each know what you are fighting for. You feel clear  and open in yourself so all you have to do is relax into your body and allow it to move. Your whole body is turned on. You are fully expressed, alive, awake, and engaged.

From this place you are capable of meeting Life more directly, not collapsing, not posturing. Just being you.

This is what’s possible at the Men’s Leadership Training 4.0.

If you want more engagement, more aliveness, and a deeper sense of why you are here, join us on February 8th as the Men’s Leadership Training rolls out phase I of a six month journey.

You don’t even have to commit to the whole thing. You just have to take a risk, jump on board for the first phase, and allow your soul to guide you into your next step.

Money and time are no longer an obstacle.

Plug in to this powerful community. Life needs warrior spirits. Travelers and truth seekers who care. Awakening men who want to go further.

Will you join us?

More info here.



  • Shelley

    Reply Reply December 19, 2012

    Hi Jayson,
    Thanks so much for your work. I received an interesting email notification today from a woman named Pixie Campbell. Although I don’t know her and can’t really vouch for the quality of her teachings – I found myself thinking of you and wondering if this might be something you are interested in. Hope I’m not being intrusive, but just in case this is a healing connection for you I thought I’d send it along. See: http://www.pixiecampbell.com/

    Women Championing the Cause of Men: Thursday Call Gathering
    Date: Thursday, December 20, 2013
    Time: 9:00-10:30am PST
    Phone number: 805.399.1000
    Code: 186916#

    Blessings: Shelley

    • Jayson

      Reply Reply December 19, 2012

      shelley, awesome. love it. thank you. seems like they are already supporting us!


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