A Fun Intimacy Game You Can Play Right Now With Your Partner

I like intimacy games.

They can be edgy, sexy, fun, and confronting.

I first learned about “relating games” from my friends Bryan and Decker from the authentic man program.

Initially I thought they were a bit contrived, but the more I played them, the more engaged I became.

And, treating “relating” as a “game” where no one wins or loses, but the idea is that we get closer, is super appealing to me.

So, when my friend Anthony whipped this app up in a day, I knew I needed to check it out.

This is a quick game you can play with your date or partner, designed to increase connection and intimacy.

The questions are good. They are derived from a 20 year research project on love. Some are a bit cheesy as they promote magical thinking (i.e. wishing my past was different, wishing I could have one different quality, crystal balls about the future, etc).

And other questions probe deeper into your values, what you appreciate about yourself, when did you last cry in front of another person, etc.

Overall, most question will lubricate the process getting to know each other.

My feedback for Anthony is to create a front-loading disclaimer. Something like, “Play this game using the mild, medium, spicy system. Meaning, how “honest” do you want to be?

Some of these questions I could see people withholding or hiding a bit. Like if I was on a first date, I might get the question “What is your most embarrassing moment?” or “How do you feel about your relationship with your mother.”

If I’m shy or holding back, I might pick lame answers like My mom and I are great. Or my most embarrassing moment was when I (insert stupid story). A more provocative question here is “What are you most ashamed of in your life?”

So, front-loading invites folks to play “full out” or play the “mild” version where it’s okay to hide and not reveal everything.

So, here’s the app game you can play right now on your phone or computer (just click the > arrow button to take you to the game)

And, then, if you want to see a print version of an actual deck of cards, to play this game, you can help fund Anthony’s project here. In that deck, I’ll be featured as one of the “love leaders” who will be asking you a provocative question designed to bring you closer to whomever you play the game with.

My question will be juicy for sure…

But right now, I have a challenge for you.

Go check out the game and sit down with your date or partner for 30 min to 1 hour and play the game. See where it takes you.

Have fun and report back.

If you had an “ah ha” or a sexy moment or a deepening between you two, how about you donate and spread the word? Then we can get an actual deck of cards and create an “advanced” deck to go even further.


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