An Open Letter To Anyone Who Has Ever Worked With Me

While my life is in a major deconstruction phase, one thing has remained constant, my healing work with couples, individuals, and groups. It’s clearly what I’m here to do—facilitate evolution, consciousness and truth in men and women. I fucking LOVE MY JOB!!!!

I feel tremendous gratitude for those that hire me to work with them. To anyone who has ever hired me or worked with me, I offer these words of gratitude…

Thank you.

Thanks for being human  and acknowledging in yourself that something feels “off.”

Thank you for not knowing and having the courage to ask for help.

Thank you for allowing me to come into your life and trusting me with what is most vulnerable and intimate in your life.

Thank you for trusting me to help guide you.

Thank you for letting me bare witness to the truth unfolding and emerging in each moment with you.

Thanks for searching, for longing, for seeking.

Thank you for being willing to look in the mirror and get brutally honest.

When the door shuts, I enter your private world and am asked to be a guide. I step into that role with great humility, respect, and honor.

Human intimacy is what we all long for.  And our relationship is an intimate one. If nothing else, we are practicing the art of intimacy.

I feel close to you only because you hold the key and let me in.

Keep risking. Keep asking for guidance. Keep acknowledging whatever is true in your body, heart, mind, soul.

And I have a request when you are ready…And only when you are ready…

Please begin to risk being all of you out in the world, beyond our time together.

My son and daughter need people like you to be real. They need examples of an actual human being walking through the world, warts and all.

They do not need you to be one way here and another way there unless you own that’s what you do. They do not need to you be polished, put together, nice, or fabricated.

They need you to take off the mask and be as you are. They need your raw, uncensored self. It will give them confidence to not build a big fat mask.

I want them to have you as an example of what a real person is.

The shadow of personal growth work is only a shadow when you and I keep our personal and spiritual growth a secret. It only remains in the darkness because of our unwillingness to talk openly about our FULL range of human experience.

So please. Risk being your FULL selves………everywhere. And when you feel scared to do that, then talk about how scared you are to be yourself and then offer compassion to that part of yourself.

When you risk your being in this way, you blaze the trail for my son and daughter to follow. They then have living examples out in the real world of real people willing to be as they are.

With love,



  • Jgoad

    Reply Reply January 17, 2011

    thank you jayson

  • Jesse

    Reply Reply January 20, 2011

    Thanks for your honesty, Jayson. As a colleague, you continue to help inspire my own work as both guide and traveler. Keeping traveling, brother.

  • Douchbag

    Reply Reply March 16, 2011

    Yeowwi Yeoowwwi yeeowww….

  • Douchbag

    Reply Reply March 17, 2011

    Yeowwi Yeoowwwi yeeowww….

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