Another Outstanding Quote on Being Human

reggie rayI love this quote by a teacher of mine who helped me see the sacredness in everything. I’m posting here because this is what we are up to with this relationship as a path stuff—“sharing” who we are, as we are, with everyone. And, meditation alone won’t get us there. We have to turn toward each other and burn through what is in the way relationally.

“Strangely enough, at a certain point on the journey, the only way to go further is to actually begin to share it with others. And ‘it’ is not a body of teachings, it’s not a bunch of techniques, it’s not a lot of ideas—it is us, it’s our own life; it’s our willingness to share who we are with other people without any reservation.” — Reggie Ray, Dharma Ocean Foundation

check out this other good quote here by Pema Chodron

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