Clearing Conflict With Someone Who Won’t Participate

Let’s say you are still angry and hurt around someone in your life. It can be very old or brand new pain. And, let’s say they are unwilling and have no interest in “working things out.” No problem. You don’t need the other person present or available at all in order to heal it. You have two main options: 1.) keep blaming them, hold a grudge, be resentful toward them, talk shit about them, and remain angry and hurt. Or, 2) you can learn how to heal this hurt without them, which is totally doable and liberating.

see also Conflict Avoidance

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  • Nichole Been.

    Reply Reply March 3, 2013

    Thank you so much. Working on this as I type.. It has so much to do with me. My ego still gets in the way and feels hurt and wronged and wishing they they would look deeper, but deep down I know we all search differently. It’s not easy.

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