Drop Your Story or Keep It?

photo by muellermartin, creative commons, FlickrI sometimes hear a lot of serious body-based healers and therapists often say things like “the story doesn’t matter” or “drop your story.” By saying this, the impressionable client can end up making their story wrong and even try to distance from it. However, in my experience the story does matter. Especially in the context of understanding and transcending current relationship challenges. Like anything, the story has a place. “How” we see/view/relate to our story is everything. Story = meaning. Connecting dots and making sense of how and why I arrived here, is paramount for some of us. Understanding the story is often the very thing that unlocks the gripping in our bodies to allow deeper somatic discharge. Therefore our stories, used well, in conjunction with somatic work, can facilitate even greater levels of healing for our path.

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