Gabor Mate on ADD, Addictions, Parenting & Raising Boys [video]

Here’s an amazing video of Gabor Mate (done in 3 separate interviews with Amy Goodman) speaking to so many major societal issues including addiction, parenting, embodiment, attachment, ADD, etc.  Powerful stuff.

This is a much watch for educators, healers, and parents. It’s 1 hour long and worth every moment.


His latest book is super helpful for anyone challenged with addiction or addictive behaviors. In the Realm Of Hungry Ghosts.

Gabor is a huge supporter of ayahuasca for addiction treatment but the Canadian government asked him to stop his work with ayahuasca and addiction. More on his view on ayahuasca in this video:

He’ll be coming to Boulder/Denver May 31-June 1, 2013.

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