Relationship Drama

A lot of folks use the term “relationship drama.

“What do you mean by this?

For many it is a way to explain how their partner or their relationship is too much. When you use this term, you are likely judging yourself, or your partner for struggling or being challenged relationally.

Yet, most of us get really challenged, pushed, and tested in intimate relationships. A “real” relationship is deeply confronting. And, since most people have very little idea how to navigate conflict and strife in relationship, the hard stuff can get labeled “drama” and/or it can also get avoided. When we use drama in this way, it’s a convenient tactic to not take responsibility for our own fears of conflict, disharmony, and upset in relationship.

If we are going to use the term “drama” then let’s use it accurately. To me, drama is filler. Shit laid over the actual conflict and added on by us when we are scared to deal, or we are stuck in blame because we are acting like hurt little kids who are victims.

The warrior doesn’t play that game. The warrior learns to see through this limited way of relating and doesn’t bite. The warrior asks for help/guidance and learns to go into the fire of conflict directly, even trembling at times, willing to see their side of the shit pile.

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