My Hero’s Journey Chapter 41

I’m preparing for another leg of my hero’s journey. This one has eluded me much of my life. This leg I’ve unconsciously put off for years. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ve just been gearing up for this one in my own funny way.

Because I’ve grown wiser I cornered myself and sealed the exits this time, so there’s no escape. But I no longer need one, nor am I looking for one because my focus is crystal clear.

My trajectory points only to one place; home. I’m taking another step deeper into who I really am.

I’m in terrain I’ve never been in before.  As the man in me places one foot in front of the other, the woman in me receives each step. Somehow I’m not wobbly. I’m not shaking like I thought I might.

My heart is calm, awake and present.

I’m like a quiet predator, stalking my prey with grace and unflinching commitment.

Both moon and sun are thanking me for rising to meet them.

I shed tears of gratitude as I inch forward, smiling.

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  • Jimmy de la Rosa

    Reply Reply July 9, 2014

    I’ve just come across your site and writings. It’s become very apparent that there are not too many resources for men out there, regarding spiritual growth. I really love that you are helping to change that. And, that you are incorporating the aspects of the feminine in the integration of a ‘whole man.’ Your words and work couldn’t have come at a more transitional time in my life. Happy to have stumbled across your site. With gratitude, j.

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