How To Get Your Partner To Understand You

I wrote this the other day and posted it on facebook.

It seemed to have struck a chord, so I’m sharing it here.

How do you get your partner to get you and love you the way you want?

Remember, you must train your partner how to love you, how to see you, how to listen to you.

You didn’t come with a manual and neither did they. You can’t expect them, or anyone to just “get it.”

Getting you takes time and energy. Getting you requires that I have some basic skills in place that serve to open you. Getting you requires that I know what kinds of things close you, shut you up or shut you down. Getting you requires that I see my own blocks to loving you, that I face what stands in my way of all the ways you prefer to be loved by me. Getting you can be complicated, yet if I truly care about the dance of love, then I will roll up my sleeves, stop complaining, buy some dance shoes, and practice to move with you in a way that inspires us both and lights up a room.

That way we can both come to the secure homebase of our embrace and receive deep nourishment that no one else on the planet can provide.

Make sense?

Cool. Now, register for a free upcoming web class, take one of my courses, and begin to learn the basic tools to help you understand your partner and help them understand you.


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