If Only My Partner Would…

This week I taught a very important webinar on one of the biggest relationship frustrations I see–wanting our partners to be different. And, these tools are critical to learn if you want to avoid hurting your relationship even more.

I answer questions like:

What if my partner and I don’t see eye to eye?
What if my partner and I are not aligned?
Can this relationship work if we are on different paths?
What can I do instead of wanting them to change?
What are the roots of me wanting them to be different?
What is the cost of me trying to change them?

This webinar is no longer available, but you can purchase it, along with an extensive ebook here. Again, not dealing with this issue could be greatly damaging your relationship.



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  • Lynette

    Reply Reply July 11, 2014

    I find your weekly emals brilliant and packed with great advice. I enjoy them very much and they leave me wanting to learn more.
    This winabar left me so confused I was a wreck after I listened to it. So many questions and confusing ambiguous responses. I’m not a therapist nor do I understand therapeutical processes. I was left wanting answers that I could use or apply to my situation. I realized what I leaned would have to be tweaked to fit my situation but I was unable to do that. I felt guilty. More guilty than before I listened to the winabar for tolerating a marriage partner for so many years that did nothing but try to teach me to change myself into a mini me for him. We were in the military for many years and there is a mind set of rules for military wives when husbands are deployed or in school. There is a saying in the military. “if the government wanted you to have a wife or a family they would have issued you one”.
    I left the winabar realizing one box doesn’t have a overall fix.
    Now I am more confused and hurt than previously. I feel very stupid and foolish for trying to accept all of the obvious, the hidden, the light and the dark multifaceted personalities of a military husband.
    He retired, lost his structure, himself and his integrity. He bought a Harley, reinvented himself with tattoos, leather, hair, bravado and a new woman. He left without explanation and filled with rage. He isn’t divorced, has abandoned his wife and started over without finishing what he started 21 years ago.
    I had hoped to gain some understanding of how he thinks. I left this winabar feeling like a judgmental idiot. Lots of advice and clinical statagy but little substance regarding tools to cope or deal with problem communication. I know less now than I thought I knew before.
    I still think your great. I’m going to hang in here and stick with you. I know you understand man behavior and male pathology. I want to learn.
    You asked for comments and feed back. This is honestly how I feel.
    Thanks for listening.

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