Illuminating Togetherness

So many of us find ourselves alone, separate, disconnected, unloved.

Why are these feelings so often underneath the mask many of us wear?

Your Facebook posts might be chipper on the outside, but underneath, if you get honest, you probably struggle like most of us. You probably have a low grade hunger or longing for something deeper, for a more real, raw connection.

You might feel alone or separate because you’ve been burned in relationship. You might feel a longing because whatever you are currently doing isn’t satiating you.

I keep seeing how everything we do in life comes back to one word:  relationship— relationship to self, other, and to whatever we believe in.

It’s likely that most of us have experienced the intense pleasure and heartbreaking pain of relationship.

Relationship is often the source of much our longing. We long to love and to be loved. We long to be connected, not alone, and deeply held. We long to go back to our roots, to the earth, to a simple way of life. What is your longing?

Consider the possibility that you are not alone nor are you separate, even though that might be the experience you have.

Many gatherings are going on right now around the world to address your longing.  Many people are coming together to put their attention on what connects us. People are getting real about community. And, a community is only as strong as the relationships that bind it.

So, what if we make relationship a foundational practice in our lives?

Here is an offering to begin to address the longing in each of us and to begin to practice together in a conscious way. If you live in Boulder, please join us. You can RSVP on facebook here.


designed to address our longing for human connection

(This experience is kinda like a guided yoga class to music, but instead of asana, it’s all about RELATIONSHIP! It’s all about getting REAL, together, telling our truths, being witnessed, seeing and being seen.)

Do you want to get honest about connection and explore what’s possible with new and old friends?
Do you notice how your meditation or yoga practice only get you so far with your intimacy challenges?
What is possible when we make relationship a foundational practice on our spiritual path?
What happens when we relate, move, dance, pray and get real together?

During this dynamic two and a half hours, we will explore the primary ways we open and close to love and to the basic nourishment of connection. Through guided movement, music, meditation, mindfulness and experiments designed to connect you to yourself, experience how you find your way into and out of connection, intimacy and relational contact.

  • cut through the new age niceness and social rules
  • see what’s in the way of the love and connection you claim you want
  • see and be seen while having fun
  • learn how to use any relationship in your life as fuel for your own awakening

You will be allowed and encouraged to move at your own pace.  Your broken heart, your open heart, your tentative heart, and your full truth are welcome.

Note: you do not need to be in an intimate relationship to participate in this experience!

When? Friday May 6 7-9:30
Solstice Center
How much?
You choose $10 — $30
: Email [email protected] or call 303.818.8411

About the facilitators:

Megan Eggers MA, CMT, CST, CCSP  is a healing arts practitioner devoted to facilitating soul connection  through the of integration body, mind, heart and spirit. With over 12 years of deep study in various energy work and somatic therapy modalities, Megan is most interested in supporting the bodymind’s natural capacity to heal and the true nature of each individual to shine.

Jayson Gaddis, MA, LPC, CGT is a psychotherapist and healer devoted to helping people awaken through relationship and intimacy. Jayson is passionate about helping individuals and couples learn to relax into who they really are. He’s helping foster in a new paradigm of family, mature monogamy, and deep relationship. You can read more on his personal blog at

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