Leadership Training Opportunity of a Lifetime

“Are You Ready to Go Through a 6-Month Training with 16 other Evolving Guys that will Dump Fertilizer on the Emerging Powerhouse within You so That You can Crush Obstacles, Serve other People, Live Your Purpose and Feel Psyched to Be Alive?”

To sign up, click here. Hurry, you save $500 if you get your application in by November 1st at midnight.

The purpose of this training is 6 fold:

  1. Initiation: That’s right. First and foremost this is an initiation into becoming the man you are capable of being through powerful personal development and psychology tools.
  2. Develop Yourself: Help you commit more fully and more fearlessly to your own personal path/journey and take an honest look at what’s in the way.
  3. Leadership: As the world around you gets more uncertain, this training is designed to give you tools to adapt, overcome and improvise. It will teach you how to respond (not react) to life’s challenges and help others do the same. You will be the man that takes people to higher ground in difficult times.
  4. Community & Relationships: Provide a tribe (a community of men) where you can get feedback, challenge, support and accountability. We are much more powerful together than we are alone.
  5. Service: Remind you of your innate ability to help others and give you practical tools to do so.
  6. Celebrate, party and have a great time.

Click here for more details and to sign up!

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