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My Wife On How To Repair After A Ruptured Connection – Ellen Boeder – SC 152

In a long term relationship conflict and hurt feelings are just part of the path. But what makes you a smart couple is knowing how to repair after you fight or grow distant.

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Vetting A Future Partner – SC 151

Vetting out a future partner can be a tricky thing. Here are a few simple tips to guide your way.

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Advice For Single Women Prepping For A Partnership – Marni Battista – SC 150

Dating without compromising your values can be tough, but here is some excellent advice for single women who want to unlock the secret passcode to finding a good man

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Fear of Abandonment – SC 149

If you are afraid of being left and so you run away or close down, here are a few simple pointers

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Past Trauma In Present Relationships – Pat Ogden – SC 148

How do you deal with your past traumas that show up in your present relationship? Trauma expert Pat Ogden can help you navigate the traumatic memories that come in parternship.

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Is It Okay To Go To Bed Angry? – SC 147

Is it okay to go to bed angry at your partner? In this episode I challenge the ‘never go to bed angry’ rule. Tune in to find out…

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The Trap of Becoming Your Partner’s Therapist – Danielle LaPorte – SC 146

If you’ve become the therapist in the relationship, here are a few truth bombs from Danielle LaPorte that may just set you free.

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I’m Sorry You Feel That Way – SC 145

One of the worst things you can say to your partner is “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Why? Listen in for what to do instead and what you can say if your partner is saying this to you.

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