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Finding His Wife & Creating His Dream Relationship – Dan Doty – SC 144

In this very personal story, learn how this man used online dating to find his wife and create his dream relationship.

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Boundaries & Needs – SC 143

Is it okay to set a boundary with a partner who keeps wanting to go on adventures with the opposite sex? Listen in as we explore this touchy topic. It has everything to do with honoring your insecurities.

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Heal Your Past Through Self-Acceptance & Community – Christian Pankhurst – SC 142

The levels of sensitivity we develop to family dynamics as kids has a direct impact on how we deal with our triggers in adult relationships. In this episode I interview Christian Pankhurst, who is doing the work to help us heal those wounds.

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No Sex. What Do I Do? – SC 141

If you are not having sex in your marriage it is important to ask Why? Dig into it and explore what got you here. Then you can slowly come out of fear and back into connection. Sex should follow.

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The 4 Freedoms That Develop Masculine Depth & Purpose – Satyen Raja – SC 140

When you are not on purpose as a man, it’s painful and your relationship will feel it. If you want to get more direction, freedom, and inspiration, this episode is for you.

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Therapy Vs Coaching – SC 139

Should I hire a therapist or coach and what is the difference anyway? In this podcast episode we explore the main differences and the most important factor you need to know when making this important decision

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How Having Expectations Can Hurt Your Relationship – Christine Hassler – SC 138

There are two giant ways we screw up our relationships. One is by breaking agreements. The other is by never having agreements to begin with.

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How to Re-Parent a Triggered Partner – SC 137

Dealing with a partner who is triggered can be difficult – especially if they respond negatively to your help. Maybe you’ve been here before: your partner is upset about something, you do your best to give them some encouraging words or to calm them down, but no matter what you do, your partner’s gets more…

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