Raising Boys and Men in 2015

As you probably know, I have written at length about boys and men.

In this interview with Pixie Lighthorse I break down some core essentials about what men are up against and what the women who date them and are married to them, are also up against.

I also cover:

  • What does a nice, new age guy need to do?
  • How can women really help men get more engaged?
  • How does a single mother successfully raise a boy?
  • The “perceived” bind men are in today. Be tough. Be vulnerable.
  • And much more…

I think you’ll like it.

Here’s the full video interview:


My friend Keith Martin Smith wrote a very relevant article a while back that is definitely worth reading. Check that out here.

The Truth About Men (it’s not what you think) 

Or this good one here from me on the Good Men Project’s site:

The Single Biggest Obstacle Facing Boys and Men Today

Finally, if you are a woman who wants a completely new approach to helping your guy, please sign up for this free training

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