Relational Empathy Awareness and Literacy

Relational Empathy Awareness and Literacy (REAL): The knowledge and wisdom to see that relationships are a powerful tool pointing us to greater self-knowledge and self-mastery. REAL helps us to transform ourselves, our lives, and our connections with others. REAL is the ability to see and experience that when our partner triggers us, it is pointing to a wound inside of us that we have an opportunity to attend to if we want traction in the relationship dynamic. The practitioner of REAL is committed to moving beyond blame and reactivity, and into a state of taking full responsibility for one’s wounds and triggers.

Relational Empathy Awareness and Literacy helps us see that relationship is a path, not a destination.

Relational Empathy Awareness and Literacy is the opposite of relational ignorance–a trance most people find themselves in due to lack of education, immature relational development, improper modeling, and old habits.

Relational Empathy Awareness and Literacy is also a transformational communication map that when learned, leads to greater and greater stages of relationship maturity and mastery.


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