Relationship as a Path: Advanced Tools for the Relational Warrior

art by Bryce Widom

art by Bryce Widom

On October 21, from 7-9pm, I’ll be giving a free talk on Relational Warriorship at the Integral Center here in Boulder. The good news is you don’t have to live here to watch it as it will be livestreamed. Link below.

In this 2 hour live event, I cover the foundation of stepping into the advanced work of treating relationship as a spiritual path. These days, it can be easy to talk about this as an interesting thing to do in an intimate partnership. I don’t recommend this path work unless you are serious about feeling loads of pain in your body (more on this sentence later…). I will define relational warriorship and share what it looks and feels like to practice this approach in an ongoing way. Whether you are a parent, a partner, or single, this relationship conversation is a must have for the spiritual practitioner. Be certain to hear very personal accounts from me as I value transparent leadership and teaching. And, you might even get some coaching on your own relationship life if you choose to raise your hand.

To rsvp via facebook, click here.

And, to simply join the conversation via livestream, follow this link:

The last talk I gave at IC was on boundaries. It was 7 minutes long. This one will be 2 hours long. Yikes.

Join us? And, yes, it will be recorded and posted here later.

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  • Max Nachamkin

    Reply Reply September 1, 2013

    Looking forward to the talk, Jayson!

  • Dom

    Reply Reply September 10, 2013

    Hi, I find the blog very useful and am keen to hear the talk. I am in Sydney Australia so may have to listen to the playback due to time differences. Could you send a link to it please?
    Many thanks, keep up the good work.

    • Jayson

      Reply Reply September 11, 2013

      yes. will post a link on this blog post, so check later next week.

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