Risking Being Ourselves In a Culture That Doesn’t Support it

It’s understandable why it’s so hard to be ourselves in a culture that perpetuates alienation from our true experience and supports disconnection from our true nature. And, not being ourselves requires a lot of wasted energy, building and managing inauthentic or subpar relationships. Our much-needed life force gets tied up in keeping our social mask on. As children, we probably had to do it. But somewhere along the way we agreed to keep playing this game, even though it doesn’t serve us. Meanwhile our soul is hurting, our true-self longing to be felt, met, seen, and known. The good news is that we can change this for ourselves whenever we want to. Deep bow to you courageous ones who are changing it—risking being YOU anyway because somewhere deep down you know there’s more, you know there’s another way. Keep trusting that voice, however small and please, keep going.

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