Summer Solstice and Being Loved By Life

photo by Michael Julian Berz

photo by Michael Julian Berz

To me summer solstice is the time where things come into fullness, birds are fully winged, leaves are fully expanded, and trees are green, full, robust, and stretching toward the sun. Each has fed off the waters, food, and nurturing of Spring. I feel the same way today. Having grown tremendously through a wild, painful, and relentless Spring, I’m now full, expanded. Like a tree, there’s always more room to grow and yet, in this moment in time, at the peak of the longest day of the year, I feel satiated. I celebrate my growth and expansion here on this earth plane. Along side of me is my family, each of us growing into the next unknown phase, saying yes with open arms to whatever comes.

My trust in Life continues to deepen and it feels so nourishing it’s hard to find words… I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this loved by Life.

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