The Way of the Relational Warrior

The relational warrior aspires to not running away in relationship. And, when she does run, because she does get scared or fed up sometimes, she returns. But not necessarily to the other person. Instead he returns to the place in himself that he is running from. She turns toward her pain. He turns toward his light. She learns to honor herself first, by studying, and applying, the art of boundary setting. He sees everything in the relational field as an opportunity to know and love himself more deeply. He knows deep down that what’s occurring is for his benefit and he learns to relax in the face of whatever is true. She aspires to trust what is happening, always. Because of his warriorship, he opens the door to more and more choices and more self-acceptance. She begins to sees that her very freedom is contingent upon the myriad of ways she is being triggered in-relationship. He knows that if he ends this relationship, his strategies and patterns will follow him to the next one. She is up for the awesome undertaking of intimacy. He sees relationship as a path to wholeness, integration, and awakening. She says, “Yes, show me more of myself.” He says, “Thank you for triggering me. Now I can heal this one.”

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