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Hello friends,

If you are a man and you have some reasonable talents and gifts, you are needed. The days of sitting on the sidelines are over. It’s time to Man Up.

This blog serves as a resource for men to challenge one another into greatness.

This blog is NOT for status quo dudes, or guys that want to be comfortable, secure and safe.  This blog is for men that want much more out of life than the American Dream.  A man who is willing to lean into the sharp end of the knife, take bold risks and explore his “edge” thoroughly.

This site is for courageous leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and fierce champions of truth. It is for men who give a damn and who know they could be bringing much, much more of themselves to the game of life.

Yet, if most men are honest, they would admit to holding back in some area of their life. Why kick ass in one area of my life, then go home and put my JV hat on? Or, why would I strive for greatness as a Dad or husband, but then go to work and sleepwalk my way through the day? These are the kind of conversations we’ll be having.

A revolutionary man is a courageous leader, not a fearful follower. A Revolutionary Man goes beyond what is expected of him and would take a bullet for his purpose. This man knows that big risks = big rewards.

So, I Welcome YOU.  We have one shot at this life, let’s not piss it away. Join me in putting the status quo mentality to rest and together let’s make a massive difference as Revolutionary Men.

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Thanks for taking the time!



  • michael kass

    Reply Reply November 26, 2008

    Right on brother. This is what the world needs. keep it up.

  • Sherri Garrity

    Reply Reply December 10, 2008

    I love your courage and your attitude. Having the guts to be your best is what changes not only your world, but THE world. Thank you for offering a fresh perspective – and hope – to the females out there!

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