The Hidden Reason Why Most Marriages Fail And What To Do About It

If half of marriages end in divorce, what is really going on here?

And, is it really half?

I would argue that much more than half, around 80%, of marriages fail.

And, by “failure” I mean people choose to live in stuck and very unsatisfying marriages, even though they despise, resent, or hate their spouse.

Because you are afraid, or don’t know any other way, you settle with “this is good enough” or “I don’t really want to deal with ending things…”

When you become roommates like this, and don’t address your issues on a regular basis, you can stay married for years, but stay stuck in at whatever level you stopped growing.

To me, this is failure.

If you and I opened a business together, we made some money, then stalled out and the business stopped growing, I would say that you and I failed to grow our business. We succeed in starting the business, but failed at taking it to the next level.

You fail to go deeper, you fail at getting your needs met or meeting your spouse’s needs, you fail to address the issues that could improve things, etc.

But the great thing about failure is that it puts you in contact with two main choices:

1) walk away, or

2) chalk it up as a learning experience and then learn how to succeed, together.

Yeah, but WHY do marriages fail in the first place?

Watch this short video as I answer that question and offer you one of the most obvious ways to avoid failure and move toward marriage success:



Is that news?

Probably not.

But then, why do you avoid the very thing that could help your marriage?

If you are stuck and or simply want to go to the next level, I can guarantee that learning conflict is one very direct way to improve your marriage.

In fact, if you want to learn the fastest way to end frustrating fights and learn about conflict in general, start your free training here.



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