Why Some Men Objectify Women

Here’s my post from the Good Men’ Project’s site. Within a week it had over 300 comments. Yikes.

I get this question a lot and it’s one I’ve explored for years. “Why do we (men) objectify women so much?” Sometimes men will follow that question up with “And, what can I do about it?” (sure, women objectify men too, but that’s not what this post is about).

I posted this question on my facebook wall and got quite the range of responses. I included a few short responses below and the longer, stand-out responses I have included at the bottom of this post if you are interested.

A few men also asked me to define objectification, which to me seems prudent. So, we’ll start there.

Defining Objectification in the context of this blog post:

Objectify:  To stare, gawk, or check out women and their bodies and body parts. To see them as objects (instead of real people) and to think of them in a sexual way.

A guy named Alex added,

“I think what we are calling “objectification” is its own line of development and that “picturing myself fucking her,” is a limited sliver of what the interpenetrating faculties which cause a man’s bodymind to go there can actually unfold into.”  

In other words, Alex is pointing out that how we define objectification will depend on where we are psychologically/spiritually/developmentally in life.

Here are some classic male responses to the question (continue reading here).

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  • Stephen How

    Reply Reply May 13, 2015


    Men “objectify” women because the visual is much, much stronger for men. Both men and women have to fight a built-in nature to become healthier and more fulfilled human beings. Men must fight a propensity toward violence and promiscuity… Women must fight a propensity toward emotion. While there are always exceptions, such generalizations allow for wisdom and clarity (while always judging an individual as just that, an individual). Love the work you do my man! Keep it real. Best, Steve

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