Welcome to Revolutionary Man Blog

Hello friends, If you are a man and you have some reasonable talents and gifts, you are needed. The days of sitting on the sidelines are over. It’s time to Man Up. This blog serves as a resource for men to challenge one another into greatness. This blog is NOT for status quo dudes, or…

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Men and Money interview with Jenifer Madson

Today I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Financial Success Coach, CEO, and author Jenifer Madson. She’s the host of “Let’s Talk Money” on blogtalkradio. The topic of the show was “Your Money, Your Man.” We had a good time discussing the dynamics of men stepping up,

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Manhood, Hero's Journey, & "Into the Wild"

Many weeks ago my good friend Tripp Lanier and I led a discussion at the Boulder Integral Center on how the movie “Into The Wild” may represent one man’s unconscious attempt at self-initiation. This is the third formal dialogue between Tripp and I on the subject of the journey into manhood. Tripp is the hilarious…

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