The Cost of Overpraising Kids

Some praise is fine. Too much praise for kids however, and we open the door to zombie-land.

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The Awakening Parent

The more fragmented we are as parents, the more challenging parenting will be. Our kids continue to show us, with divine perfection, what is disowned in us.

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Protected: Relationship as a Path Livestream Talk at the Integral Center

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Giving Other Parents Feedback

what do we do as parents when we see a child being abused, neglected, or simply shamed in public?

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I Love Who I am As A Parent

celebrating guilt-free, super connected, tons of love, massive growth as a parent…

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No Way Out

is the “no escape” of parenting a blessing or a curse? for me, it’s a no brainer even in the mystery of it all…

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The Challenge of Self-Care

how sleep deprivation is helping me.

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The Blessing of No Escape

there’s something awesome about having no where to run…

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